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Away Ride Report

Sat. March 14, 2015
By Uzi

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. March 14, 2015
By John

531 and all that...

Sat. March 7, 2015
By Frances

Tour de Tel Aviv

Sat. Feb. 28, 2015
By Hylton Sher

Home Patch Ride Report

Feb. 7, 2015
By Francis

Home Patch Ride Report

Jan. 31, 2015
By Talia

Ride Report - Hadera Forest - Alexander River

Sat. Jan 24, 2015
By Michal Cahn

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Dec. 27, 2014
By Richard Mumm

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Dec. 20, 2014
By Uzi

The Green Green Grass Of...

Sat. Dec 13, 2014
By Frances

Park Britannia Ride Report

Sat. Dec. 6, 2014
By Rafi

Rolling in the deep!

Sat. Dec. 6, 2014
By Michal

Home patch Ride report

Sat. Nov. 29, 2014
By John

(WINDY) Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Nov. 22, 2014
By John

Kinneret Ride 2014

Sat. Nov. 15, 2014

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Nov 15, 2014
By Stephen

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Nov 8, 2014
By Ted

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Nov. 1, 2014
By Michal

Ride Report - Ben Shemen

Sat. Oct. 25, 2014
By Stuart Ballan

Same Time, Same Place...

Sat. Oct 18, 2014
By Michal

Ride Report - Elishema

Sat. Oct 11, 2014
By Anna

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Sept. 27, 2014
By Michal

Home Patch Ride Report

Sat. Sept. 20, 2014
By John

Ramot Menashe and Bat Shlomo

Sept. 20, 2014
By Dennis


  1. ARRIVE ON TIME - Your time is no more important than anyone else’s. Check the night before for air in the tires and that all is in proper working order.
  2. RIDE PACE - This usually determines itself depending upon who and how many are riding. A smaller group is almost always quicker, while larger rides tend to be more relaxed and chatty – accept this reality!
  3. KEEPING UP - Try to keep up with the pace of the group – it makes for a more enjoyable ride for everyone. If there is consensus that the pace is too fast, tell the leader!
  4. NOBODY GETS LOST - Make sure that there is someone behind you who sees your riding direction. If not, wait until someone sees you before you continue… that person behind you will do the same. If everyone in the group does this, nobody gets lost and the group does not have to stop as a whole. We need to have space between riders – it is acceptable that the group is spread out, as long as you have sight contact with the rider in front of you.
  5. YIELD – YIELD – YIELD - Always keep to the right unless you are passing. If you want to pass, make sure they are aware of your intention. Never change “lanes” before making sure you are clear to do so – sudden moves with no warning can cause an accident.
    If you have to dismount due to sand, mud, a technically difficult uphill, etc., pull off the path, so as not to impede the momentum of the riders behind you.
    Always yield to pedestrians, hikers, horses (all are unpredictable!).
    If a rider approaches from the opposite direction and there is no room to safely pass, be prepared to pull off the path and stop.
    The rider going uphill ALWAYS has right of way.
    Restricted Line of Sight? Slow down, increase your awareness and be ready to stop. If you are coming to a blind curve, ring your bell or yell “BEEP, BEEP”.
  6. STAY TOGETHER –If you head up to the front of the ride or pulling away from the group always wait at the next junction for everyone to catch up. If you need to head back to the carpark, phone the leader, or at very least make sure you ask someone in the group to tell the leader.
  7. TECHNICAL SECTIONS – Always wait until there is a safe distance between you and the rider in front before beginning a technical section. If you end up behind a slower rider don’t ride too close behind, it only increases the pressure on that rider and can cause an accident. Hang back and give both of you space to enjoy the trail until you can overtake safely.
    On a section that you would prefer not to ride, walk well clear of the track.
  8. BE PREPARED - Ride with spare inners and/or puncture kits, tools, pump and basic first aid kit. Always wear a helmet, sunglasses, sunscreen, have plenty of water and some snacks. Do NOT wear earphones when riding – hearing what is happening around you is important.


Contact Info.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch for any reason, feel free to get in touch with David or John:

David: 054-474-1424
John: 050-942-2788


By joining our rides each participant confirms that:
  1. He/she is in good health and there is no medical reason preventing him/her from participating in the ride.
  2. He/She releases the organizers of the tour from all claims arising out of, in consequences of any loss, injury, damage to his/her person or property while participating in the ride.
  3. He/She is aware of and accepts the risks in participating in the ride.

New riders always welcome to join us.

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