From time to time, fellow riders inquire about the Cyclenix site and its origins and current maintenance.

Some twenty years ago the site was started by South African Moshe Abramovitz and later upgraded by Jack Reardon also from South Africa. Both are former Cyclenix riders and founding members who unfortunately no longer ride. John and David contributed to the legal aspects of the site’s formation.

Over a decade ago after Jack stopped servicing the site, Martin Wolf, a fellow rider, took over and substantially upgraded the site also by improving the ride- photograph storage but regrettably Martin returned to road riding and we had to locate a new site manager. We were fortunate that another recently joined rider Joe Shulman willingly offer his talents to managing the site. At that time Joe was a regular rider and although younger than the now aging mob, fitted the group like a glove. A strong rider and with an infectious smile, he displayed both a great Canadian sense of humour and intelligence. Joe hailed from Canada and had made Aliya as had many of the riders at the time. Cyclenix was both an Absorption Centre and safe haven for Anglos in particular.

It was with sad regret to all of us that one Saturday, Joe announced that he had found a better substitute for riding, namely love, and would be moving to the UK to join his future wife. Joe added that he would happily continue to manage the site as in the age of modern communications, there would not be any change. Remote management was easy and all we had to do was send him content. The rest he would carry out, something that he has done every since. Several years ago, Joe offered to upgrade the site and to our delight modernized that site to a superb level.

We did inform Joe that at any time he is unable to manage the site we would understand but thus far we continue to enjoy his dedicated and professional help in maintain the site.

Several years ago, Joe visited Israel and we think it’s time he did so again.

The site unlike the Whatsapp group, is a public domain and another window to display Israel’s diversity. Joe is to be credited for enabling this window to remain open.

(Editor’s (Joe) note: I’ll be the first to apologize for not sending my bio in, but I not very good at talking about myself, so thank you Ted for the wonderful words, I couldn’t have done better myself, and didn’t really.. so, thanks. Yes I’m currently living in the West Midlands countryside in the UK about 20 minutes south west of Wolverhampton. Lovely farm land in a village, but the one thing I really miss is riding. I learned very quickly upon my arriving that it’s much more dangerous here, so I’ve opted for an exercise cycle these days. And after a knee replacement it’s been great. I do miss the warmth and sea air and hope to get back for a visit, but I couldn’t say when.. hopefully not to far away.)