June 24, 2023 – Away Ride Ein Carmel – Nachsholim (Dor) – Habonim

Start Point: Ein Carmel

Start Time: 7:45 am

Please make every effort to arrive on time so we can begin at 7:45am.  Thank you.

Waze Link: https://waze.com/ul/hsvbcgmh5c

Getting There: Travel north on Road 2 until Tzomet Zichron Yakov, proceed to Road 4 at Furdis and travel north for approximately 10 km, turn left into Ein Karmel and park in the parking lot on the northern side of the village (next to the school)

The ride is approximately 30 km. However all riders, by their participation, are aware of, and by implication accept, the possibility that the ride may for whatever reason be longer or shorter than anticipated.