Ride Report – Sat. Dec. 15, 2018 – Local  Ride –  By David

Nahal Alexander

Participants: 20 – who didn’t give up on doing this ride 2 weeks after having been cancelled due to much rain – and in the context of Nahal Alexander, that means lots of mud and puddles, which in turn probably means lots of fun for the riders, not very good for our bikes, but very good for the bike shops!!

Route: From the parking lot at the river mouth, mostly along the banks of the river to the Bird Observation Lookout (a few kilometers north of Burgata) where we made a U-turn and a “breadcrumb” route back to the cars.

Ride Conditions: Unusually cool conditions at the start, including a wind chill contribution from a strong easterly, which got us pedaling a little harder upstream, but rewarding us on the way back. Riding conditions were a blunt realization that we had exchanged summer’s sandy trails for winter’s mud. Which is to be preferred? That’s an ongoing debate…

Bottom Line: 31 kilometers of most enjoyable riding, super scenery and great company. Thanks for managing the ride Uri – and hopefully the beginnings of many more to come under your leadership.