Ride Report – Sat. Nov. 24, 2018 – Local  Ride –  By Frances

Winter Sun Ride

After much talk about the rain and cold, Saturday was a perfect riding day. A bit of a chill in the air with bright blue skies….
Around 15 of us set off under the leadership of Shaike (with a little help from his friends …) on some old (where we haven’t been in a while) and some familiar routes. We cycled 30 km from Raanana north to Ga’ash avoiding mud along the way. In fact, the most mud was in the last 100m back to Raanana….

Some made their way home after a lovely ride enjoying the green after the rains whilst others refueled at Landwer.

So… since there was no mud glued to our wheels, I have adapted Mississippi Mud….

When the sun comes up and the tide goes out, people gather and they begin to wheel
Hey Hey, Cyclists
It’s a treat to beat your wheels from getting the Mississippi Mud….

And the Hippopotamus song…

Mud mud no glorious mud
no mud to stick to our wheels
So follow me down the road
And avoid that glorious mud